DIEP Flap microsurgical breast reconstruction is now available in Rockland County for breast cancer patients. This is an informative website designed to educate patients considering  breast reconstruction options.

The practices of Joshua L. Levine, M.D., P.C., Usal Cosmetic Surgery P.C and  Laura Sudarsky, M.D., PC each have board certified micro surgeons available for DIEP and perforator flaps in the lower Hudson Valley. These practices provide surgeons for a microsurgical breast reconstruction team-approach to perform these surgical procedures at Good Samaritan Hospital, Suffern, NY, and Nyack Hospital, Nyack, NY.

The practices work closely with the breast surgeons to give you the best outcome after your mastectomy. The surgeons can perform the DIEP flap reconstruction at the same time as the mastectomy, or at a later date depending on your cancer needs. If radiation is planned following the mastectomy, the DIEP flap maybe postponed to a later date, and temporary expander/implants can be used to as a spacer until your radiation is finished. If you had previous abdominal surgery and or abdominal wall tissue is not available, then our experienced microsurgeons can offer you alternative perforator flap options with PAP, S-GAP, or I-GAP flaps. These flaps use tissue from the posterior thigh for PAP, or buttock tissue for S-GAP or I-GAP flaps.

The practices’ board certified plastic surgeons are trained in microsurgery, and have compassionate support staff to walk you through the process.